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since 8th Feb. 2004

Welcome to Kawaii Screen!



Since 8th February 2004, this web site proposes a collection of manga wallpapers. I hope that you will find your happiness there! For a best trip, go first to the Config page.

Depuis le 8 février 2004, ce site vous propose une collection de wallpapers manga (fonds d'écran). J'espère que vous y trouverez votre bonheur ! Pour un meilleur voyage, passez d'abord par la rubrique Config.


13th November 2009:
+32 GAGraphic
+1 page: Miss SurfersParadise 2009: 133 wallpapers

08th February 2009:
Today: 2 new pages!
Miss SurfersParadise 2007: 327 wallpapers
Miss SurfersParadise 2008: 210 wallpapers
Enjoy! ^^

06th September 2008:
+138 Best of Special CG
+70 GAGraphic

20th May 2007:
+21 GAGraphic

21th January 2007:
+60 Best of Special CG

24th December 2006:
Merry Christmas!
Kawaii Screen has been converted to PHP. For you it's about the same, for me the following updates will be easier.

17th December 2006:
A very good news for all visitors of Kawaii Screen: I moved all the thumbnails on a faster (and paying) server. So the navigation in the pages with wallpapers is about 5 times faster! Enjoy. ^^ Come back in a few days, I am preparing a big update before Christmas...

02th December 2006:
+52 Best of Special CG

19th November 2006:
+74 Best of Special CG

29th October 2006:
+42 Best of Special CG

24th October 2006:
Today: 2 new pages!
Miss SurfersParadise 2005: 456 wallpapers
Miss SurfersParadise 2006: 378 wallpapers
Yay! ^^

03th September 2006:
+67 Kagaya
+33 GAGraphic
More than 1 GB!

31th July 2006:
+119 Best of Special CG ^^

18th June 2006:
+38 Best of Special CG

04th June 2006:
+32 Best of Special CG

28th May 2006:
+47 Best of Special CG

13th May 2006:
+35 Best of Special CG

30th April 2006:
+51 Best of Special CG

16th March 2006:
+39 Best of Special CG

05th March 2006:
+36 Best of Special CG

26th February 2006:
+35 Best of Special CG
Now there are more than 5000 kawaii wallpapers! ^^

11th February 2006:
+41 Best of Special CG

08th February 2006:
お誕生日 おめでとう かわいい スクリーン !
Happy Birthday Kawaii Screen!
Joyeux Anniversaire Kawaii Screen !

08th February 2004 ~ 08th February 2006

4942 manga wallpapers
929 Mo
240.000 Hits
Thank you.

05th February 2006:
+34 Best of Special CG

28th January 2006:
+34 Best of Special CG

21th January 2006:
+36 Best of Special CG ^^

08th January 2006:
Happy New Year everyone!
+18 Best of Special CG

29th December 2005:
Today, Kawaii Screen propose a new page to you! ^^
Best of Special CG: 18 kawaii wallpapers
The beginning of a long series... Come back each week!

10th December 2005:
+1 Dream Soft
+7 Final Fantasy
+2 GAGraphic
+3 .hack//SIGN
+4 Haibane Renmei

22th November 2005:
+5 GAGraphic
+6 Noir
+3 Onegai Teacher / Onegai Twins

12th November 2005:
+8 Chobits
+6 Dream Soft

1st November 2005:
+12 Azumanga Daioh

26th October 2005:
A new page today! ^^
With Faint Hope: 59 kawaii wallpapers

23th October 2005:
I am proud to announce to you... 200.000 Hits!!!
200.000 times thank you! This is a real change in Kawaii Screen. For a few months, there have not been many updates. Now, I prepare about 3.000 kawaii pictures for you! So I will make about one update per week from November. I hope you will come back to see that! ^^ See you soon for +500 misc, +1.100 Studio e.go and new pages: 2.000 Special CG, Da Capo, Memories Off, With Faint Hope... and a few surprises! ^^
Last update :
+17 GAGraphic ^^
The best is yet to come! ;)

7th May 2005:
100.000 Hits today!!!
For celebrating this event, 338 new wallpapers just for you! ^^
+107 Misc.
+92 Love Hina
+9 Azumanga Daioh
+8 Game Spot
+3 Dream Soft
+2 Sister Princess
Plus a new page: Chobits, with 117 wp!

27th February 2005:
80.000 Hits!!! Merci, Thank You, ありがとう ございます! ^^
New wallpapers of the day:
+3 Dream Soft
+73 Game Spot
+124 Misc.

30th December 2004:
Konnichiwa! ^^ New wallpapers for a new year:
+24 Studio e.go!
+3 Dream Soft
And thank you for the counter: more than 50.000 Hits!!! (56.829 today... I had missed the day of 50.000).

05th October 2004:
This time, a real big news!! ^^ It's a special summer news...
+223 Miss SurfersParadise 2004! Yes, 2004, it's a new page! In the same way as in the other pages, you can download all these pics with the .lst list. Just too easy... ^^
+1 skin in the config page: Misu Sfzu Paradaisu! Click here to select it directly. This skin is automatically chosen for new visitors who go in first in the Miss SurfersParadise's pages.
But summer is past... enjoy autumn! ^^
Hey... now more than 4100 wp! Ja ne!

30th September 2004:
What a big news:
+0 wallpaper!! Hum hum... no, not a big news... sniff. I have made little changes in the html for a best compatibilty with Mozilla users (tested with Mozilla Firefox v0.9.3). Other little news: now the personal home pages on Free have 1 GB instead of 100 MB! It's good for Kawaii Screen (today it takes 800 MB)... That's all for this evening! ^^

12th September 2004:
Hello! Wow, an other news this weekend!!! Sugoi! ^^
+240 Studio e.go! You are lucky...
Now: 3881 manga wallpapers!
Little bonus: you see the kawaii girl in the right top corner (randomly chosen)? There are 3 more! ^^

11th September 2004:
Konnichiwa! ^^ A few good news today:
More than 33.333 Hits!!! Thanks! And 3641 manga wallpapers on Kawaii Screen.
+69 wallpapers:
+27 misc.
+28 Canvas
+9 Studio e.go!
+1 Dream Soft
+4 GAGraphic ^^

09th September 2004:
Hellooooo! ^^ Yes, the last news was loooong time ago! But I'm not dead! Just too much different projects in the same time... So, for this evening:
+33 misc.! I wanted to put 60 of them but I didn't have the place on the server... So the 27 nexts in a few days (maybe 9/11?? lol).
+2 links:
See you soon on Kawaii Screen! ^^

11th August 2004:
Addition of the bubbles of description in the menu, for 3 links:
Config, EasyWallpaper and Ad.
PS: please visite this site! ^^

08th August 2004:
Konnichiwa! ^^ This time, 31 adds:
+2 Azumanga Daioh
+3 Dream Soft
+9 Final Fantasy
+3 GAGraphic
+1 Game Spot
+1 Haibane Renmei
+1 Lain
+2 Love Hina
+5 Noir
+4 Sister Princess

07th August 2004:
Now there are more than 3500 wp! ^^
And for this evening:
+157 misc.!
30 wp are ready and will come soon in the other pages.

30th July 2004:
Today... 25.000 Hits!!! Thanks for your fidelity! And just for you, a nice present:
+22 GAGraphic! (one day, I'll sort them by author...)
An other BIG THANKS to Ignacio, for these new wallpapers.
And a new link in the Lain's page:
S.E. Lain Religion Virtuelle : à voir ! ;)
100 ~ 200 new wp are coming soon... (misc., Saint Seiya, Studio e.go!)

12th July 2004:
Kikoo! ^^ The big news is here! But a little smaller than what I have said... Sorry, an other project take me a lot of time! So, for today:
+165 misc.!
+15 GAGraphic!
A BIG THANKS to Ignacio, who had send me 36 new GAGraphic! The next in August...
See you soon, have a good summer!

24th June 2004:
Minna-san, konnichiwa! ^^
An excellent news: all wallpapers are now on FAST servers! ^^
Thanks to Free for this *free* hosting.
And... GAGraphic forever!!! (+1 wp)

13th June 2004:
Hello all! Today, a new page:
Kagaya: very nice pictures (48), made with computer.
And the page "Relativity of Horoscope" is renamed: now it's Zodiac, with 39 new wp!
And a little gift:
+1 GAGraphic ^^
So +88 wp in this news... come back soon for the next!

10th June 2004:
+125 wallpapers!! Now there is more than 3000 wallpapers on Kawaii Screen!!!
+2 new pages:
.hack //SIGN: 63 wp!
Ai Yori Aoshi: 43 wp!
And few adds:
+1 Love Hina
+5 Final Fantasy (1 FFVII & 4 FFXII)
+5 Onegai Teacher
+4 Onegai Twins
+1 GAGraphic ^^
+3 Sister Princess
And just for you, an other BIG news soon! (+200 ~ 300 wp ?) So... come back soon!

28th May 2004:
Konnichiwa! ^^ Today, a lot of little adds :
+4 Dream Soft
+2 Final Fantasy
+2 GAGraphic
+1 Haibane Renmei
+1 Noir
A big news (more than 100 wp) coming soon! Ja ne!

22th May 2004:
Sugoiiiiiii!!! ^^
+30 new GAGraphic wallpapers!

16th May 2004:
Hello world! Today, 32 new wallpapers:
+17 misc. (3 made by me)
+7 Onegai Teacher (including 2 Onegai Twins)
+8 Studio e.go! (4 captured by me)

3rd May 2004:
10.000 Hits!!! Arigatô gozaimasu!

1st May 2004:
Konnichiwa! ^^ This weekend, others wallpapers for you:
+1 Studio e.go!
+47 misc.
Enjoy! ^^

22th April 2004:
New links: HadesChapter.com and FlashManga. clic clic clic! ^^

21th April 2004:
This time, it's a new skin! "Just Married", based on a beautiful picture of GAGraphic. This skin is automatically selected for new visitors arriving directly on the GAGraphic page. Oops, time to go to bed... x_x bye

20th April 2004:
Others new wallpapers:
+1 GAGraphic
+1 Miss SurfersParadise 2002
+4 misc.

18th April 2004:
+160 misc. wallpapers!
Thanks to eXagon for giving me 100 Mo for free!
So, new link added: eXagon.org

17th April 2004:
I'm back in France! ^^ So first little news before the nexts:
+5 GAGraphic wallpapers

17th February 2004:
Already 1.000 Hits! Thank you!

10th February 2004:
Now there is a kawaii girl in the top of pages of Navi section. ^^

08th February 2004 18:45 GMT+1:
Birth of Kawaii Screen! ^^
Already 2644 manga wallpapers!

Your webmaster,